Sunday, December 2, 2007

Flu shots, walking and tattoos

Poor little guy went to the doctors on 11/26 to get his second flu shot. When we walked back to the doctor's office, Will insisted on walking himself. In one hand he held the nurse's finger and in the other he had mine. This way he toddled himself right into the exam room.
His doctor saw him toddling back and was impressed with his skills. She said he is right on target for his age. We are proud of his walking and talking skills. He is meeting all of his milestones right on target.

This picture is of Will with his tattoos. He got them for Halloween and they really cracked us up.

Chris and Will had Homecoming off. Sadly, I had to work. The boys had a nice day, they went to the butterfly garden, took me to an early lunch and then went to the parade.
Surprisingly, Will really enjoyed the parade. He and Chris sat on a wall and watched the whole parade go by. Chris was sure that Will would get bored but Will is turning into quite the little people watcher.
Since Chris had to keep ahold of our little wiggle worm during the parade, we don't have any pictures from then. These photos are of Chris and Will's trip to the butterfly garden earlier in the day. Note the Gator jersey, it was UF's Homecoming you know.


Okay, I am seriously behind in posting the halloween pictures but here they are :) We went to Boo at the Zoo.
We left work a little early and headed over to Santa Fe. When we got there the line was out the door! We thought we would never get to the entrance and wondered what we had gotten ourselves into. Thankfully Santa Fe knows what it is doing and had the line moving very quickly.

Will had a great time looking at everyone in their costumes. He was facinated by the different looking people. I'm not sure what he thought about the zoo itself, he mostly sat back and watched.
That is, until we reached the Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pigs. As soon as he saw them, he sat upright, pointed and said dogs....dogs...dogs. I laughed and said, well, some people treat them like dogs.

Chris and I were really impressed with the zoo. They did a great job. As you walked through the zoo, you walked through different scenes. Like the monster's ball, a carnival gone wrong and a safari tour lead by C+ tours. Each scene was very detailed and had lots of fun things to look at. As we walked through various characters in the scene handed out candy to the kids. Since Will is too young to know about candy, we skipped that part. Although Chris and I were seriously tempted by the tootsie rolls.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

More Sears Photos

Since Will is now one year old, we took him back into Sears for some more pictures. I think this kid may end up being the most photographed child in the US. He is just so darn cute that I can't help myself.

We took regular one year photos, some of him in his halloween costume and some with a Christmas theme. I've posted a few of the photos here from the session. I've even included a preview of our Christmas card below.

The session went pretty okay but Will was a little sleepy and was getting a bit tired of sitting nice by the time we took the Christmas. In this photo he had a very nice smile on his face and the shot was perfect, then as soon as the photographer clicked the shutter, boom, disaster. We all got a good laugh, and while I didn't actually purchase photos from this shot, we included it on the photo CD for the smile.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Party Time!

This Saturday, October 13th, we had a small party to celebrate Will's first birthday. My parents came up as well as my grandmother, brother and his girlfriend, and, of course, Carolyn and Wayne. Other than family we had Linda, our neighbor and Jamie, Michael and Mikayla friends of mine. Chris made turkey, pulled pork and I did all the fixins. Dinner went over well, I'm thinking the pulled pork was tasty because there was not a bite left at the end of the day.

It was a pretty big crowd for our smallish house but we had scrubbed off the car port and set it up as an outdoor room. So we fit pretty comfortably. This is very good because this was a test run for Thanksgiving. I've invited 14 people to dinner and now I'm pretty sure they will all fit.

After dinner the adults were too stuffed to contemplate cake and ice cream, so we decided to mix up tradition a little and open presents first. All of the packages were bright and colorful, some had shiny ribbons and others came with cards. Will did pretty good at unwrapping gifts. We would start the rip and then he would continue to pull the paper off. He was facinated with the sheets of paper so after he would pull the first piece off he would play with that piece. He also loved the shiny ribbon and the cards. He liked Carolyn and Wayne's card so much, he wouldn't let me have it to open. He just waved it around and sucked on a corner. After a few presents, he was more interested in what was already opened. Fortunately Mikayla, who is three, was at the party and was able to assist with the unwrapping. Everybody was very kind and Will got some awesome gifts. He (meaning mom :) will be sending out thank you notes shortly.

Finally it was time for cake. I had made carrot cake for his birthday and he had his very own small cake. After we sang happy birthday to him, Will and I blew out his candle. I stripped him down to his diaper and cut him a giant piece of cake, it was about five inches square. He looked at the cake, and using both hands, picked up the entire piece and tried to put it all in his mouth at once. About half of it fell down into his lap, some was in his mouth and the rest fell back onto his high chair tray. He kept at it and probably managed to eat about half of the cake. The rest was wedged all around him in the high chair. He had a ring of carrot cake around his middle. Unfortunately, the dogs were kicked out in the backyard, they would have really enjoyed the cake raining down when I pulled Will out of his chair. Chris took about 30 pictures of Will and the cake. I've only posted a few here.

Finally, things were winding down. Will was ready for bed, it had been a very busy day for him. I think he enjoyed his party, I know his parents did.

First Birthday

Will's first birthday was this past Thursday. Since it was a weekday we didn't do too much. Our big celebration was turning his car seat to face forward. It has been fun watching him in the mirrors. We can finally see exactly what he has been doing, which apparently consists mostly of sucking his thumb.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Big Bath

Well the time finally came, Will outgrew his duck tub. We were really bummed to have to put it away but we couldn't reach around Will to get all sides clean. So, we deflated the duck and put it away for safe keeping and tried the BIG tub.

The first time we put Will in, he was a bit intimidated. There was a lot of space and the baby who looked so big in the duck tub looked so small now. We both stayed with him and gave him time to acclimate. It didn't take too long for him to realize he now had room to roam.

We can't fill the tub up too high because he likes to crawl around. The other favorite activity is to splash. The more splashing the better. The best is when Daddy has to change after a bath because he is soaked from the splashing.

Bath time is fun time in our house.

Not feeling good

A few weeks ago, Will was not feeling well at all. The poor guy had a cold, ear infection and bronchitis. He was on an antibiotic, albuterol and motrin. We kept him home most of the week and gave him lots of Mommy and Daddy time. This picture is of Will getting a nebulizer treatment. He really did not enjoy the albuterol treatment and we found it easiest to give them to him when he was asleep.

I was initially very worried when he was prescribed albuterol for fear of asthma. The doctor reassured us that one case of inflammation of the lungs does not mean he has asthma.

He slept alot but also spent time crawling around the house. He realized he could see the dogs outside through the french door. He would crawl over to the door, look out the window and say dog-z in two syllables. He actually says at least four things (I say five). He can say dog, duck, mama, daddy and I think he can say cat, Chris things he is just pointing and saying that.

We also read lots of books. Will has a basket of books in the living room and he likes to pull out a book and bring it to you to read. How can you say no? So we read lots of books, I think Chris and I know Green Eggs and Ham by heart at this point. He also really enjoys Brown Bear and Windows to Color.

Santa Fe Teaching Zoo

In September Chris and Will took a trip to the teaching zoo at the local community college. It is one of the few teaching zoos of it's kind in the country.

Chris and Will went on the tour and saw peacocks, emus, gibbons, bald eagle and tortoises. Will especially seemed to enjoy the peacocks.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Yes, it is true, Will has finally started crawling! He started last Thursday and has been going ever since. Apparently, Sara, his favorite daycare teacher, had all the other babies applaud him as he crawled at school for the first time on Friday.

Over the weekend he charted new territory and made his way over to the dog's water bowl and into the dining room. The laminate flooring was a bit of a challenge for him. He started off crawling in place on the slippery flooring but soon figured it out and made it all the way across the dining room.
In this picture I was trying to photograph him crawling, get the action shot. He crawled right on over to me and grabbed the camera strap. Already getting into trouble.


The Florida Natural History Museam on campus has a new exhibit.... MEGLADON! It is all about the largest prehistoric shark, whose teeth average six inches long. While all of this is very cool the big draw is the 60 foot life size replica of the Megladon which was build in the welding shop down the street from us. You walk in through the mouth and out the.... side (what did you think I was going to say).
On the right is Chris and Will next to the life size sculpture. Yes, they would just be a little snack for the megladon. Pretty nifty huh.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Carrie's Birthday

This past weekend we went down to my parents to celebrate Carrie's 30th birthday. Yes, it is the big 3 0 for Care. She and Jack had come down for a long weekend so the parents had a birthday party for her Saturday evening.

Saturday morning we took Will for his first swim. We were a little nervous because Will did NOT like the beach. However, he loves the pool. Chris gently put him in, Will looked around and conducted a test splash. After a few slaps, he realized that it was a giant bath and began splashing in earnest.

We had bought him a floaty inner tube and some little plastic animals that squirted water. Will really enjoyed the inner tube.
He would lean over the edge and splash. He also would even kick and move him self around a bit. The "adults" had fun with the squirty animals. We each had one and would squirt each other and Will too. He thought it was hilarious both to be squirted and to watch us squirt each other. He never mastered squirting but the animals were very fun to chew on.

After the big swim, Will took a nap... a huge 2 1/2 hour nap. The water wore him out. He could barely get out of bed to attend Carrie's party.
We took him back in Sunday morning for another round. Once again he really enjoyed it. After the swim, we had lunch poolside. Will got to use my old high chair. Dad had pulled it out of storage and shined it back up again. It had been many years since it was last used for Jack. I think Will looks adorable in it, especially with the messy face.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

9 month check up

Will also had his 9 month checkup. He is now 22 lb 12oz and is 29" long! He has dropped down to the 85th percentile for height and weight. The doctor also gave him a clean bill of health, those bothersome ear infections and croup have cleared up! Will is still on Zyrtec, we think he has inherited our seasonal allergies. Poor little man!

I don't have any pictures of his check up, so I've added two more photos from our trip. The first is of me, Carrie and Will on the porch at the Search House. The second is Will and his cousin Makayla. Makayla is a little over a year older than Will and we think they look just alike!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Fourth of July

Chris' college buddy was getting married on 7/7/07 in Altoona, PA and Chris was in the wedding. We headed up last week for the festivities. We left on July 3rd and drove through the night. Will slept almost the whole way and with Chris and I taking turns the drive wasn't too bad. We spent the Fourth with Chris' parents. They had a cook out and set off some fireworks. Will loved the fireworks, he thought the light was fantastic and the noise didn't bother him at all. The lucky boy even got his first Popsicle at the cook out. It was blue and not only turned his mouth blue but he kept putting his thumb in his blue mouth, so much that it became blue too!

On July 6th we headed down to Altoona. On the way down we stopped at State College. We had a good time walking around campus. We, of course, had to take photos at the Nitany Lion statue. We also stopped at the Creamery. Will got his fair share of our ice cream. We weren't sure if we'd ever get him eating good food again after enjoying Popsicles and ice cream.

Will came with us to the rehearsal dinner and had a very good time. We were very lucky and for the wedding itself, Chris' parents came down to Altoona for the evening to watch Will. Nana and Poppa took him to Cracker Barrel for dinner. I think they had a nice evening and Chris and I were able to really enjoy the wedding. We stayed out till 11 pm! I don't think we have been out this late for some time. It's funny how a with a baby those high school curfews make a reappearance.

Finally on our way back to Florida, we stopped to visit my sister in Mount Jackson, VA. She has been dying to introduce her nephew to her house mates. She showed him off and Will enjoyed visiting Aunt Carrie. She has a very nice screened porch and we spent some time out there swinging Will. He really liked that. Sadly, we eventually had to hit the road again and we drove back to Gainesville that evening. It was a very fun trip!

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Bones, Clapping and the Croup

We have had a very busy few weeks. Last weekend Chris got all the remaining fixtures installed and only had to go to Lowes twice. The first time Chris had to return the ceiling light because when we opened the box it was not the right fixture and looked very dusty. We finally realized that someone had bought the light before us, went home, installed it and put their old light back in the box and returned it! Who would have thought of such a thing?? The second time, Chris got the light all installed and turned it on. Once the light was shining through the glass you could see the crack running through the fixture. Back to Lowes. This time Chris chose an unopened box that he then opened and completely inspected the light, he was not interested in returning the same light a fourth time.

This week I got a call from daycare, Will had a fever. So I left work and went to go get him. We spent the rest of the afternoon running around to the doctors, pharmacy and even back by work. The doctor said that his previous ear infection had not quite cleared up and put him on another antibiotic. She also thinks he has croup, so she put him on prednisone. I couldn't believe my poor baby was on prednisone! Happily it was only a short three day regimen and he didn't seem to mind much. He likes the antibiotic, it is watermelon flavored and after he gets his full dose he looks at you to give him more.

He seems to be feeling better now. Chris and I stayed home with him for a few days but he was back to school on Friday. During his days at home, Will had fun playing with Bones. Bones fortunately is a very tolerant dog. This is a very good thing as Will has pulled on his whiskers, collar, paws, and grabbed fistfuls of fur. Bones takes all this abuse with a sigh and a nudge for real pets. I think these two will be good buddies.

The downside is Will has taken to giving his ritz crackers to Bones. Will will wait until Bones is standing right by his high chair then pick up a cracker and deliberately hand it to over to Bones. Bones, of course, loves this and comes running whenever he hears high chair noises. We are not so fond of this new game and are trying to put a stop to it. This is harder than it sounds, when the dog and the baby are in league against you, you really don't stand a chance.

On exciting new development milestones, Will has started clapping. If you say pat-a-cake, he will clap. It is very cute and we are having lots of fun playing pat-a-cake with him. He has also started scooting backwards. He is not very good at it yet but you can see little light bulbs going off as he starts to figure out movement. Pretty soon he will be movin' and groovin' all over the place. Anybody have any baby proofing gear they can send???

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ritz Crackers

Will loves Ritz crackers, I mean loves them. We have been increasing the different kinds of foods he eats, especially those he feeds himself. He wasn't real big on cherios and we worried that he would choke on the biter biscuits.

He likes bananas but has a hard time picking them up. He did not like cheese...really did not like cheese. In fact the first time we put bananas in front of him he looked at them and gave me a look that said "I'm not eating that nasty cheese again." So I had to pop a piece in his mouth for him to realize it was bananas. Finally we landed on Ritz. He can easily manipulate them and they break quickly into small pieces.

In other news, we have been changing out the fixtures in our bathroom. Yes, for Father's Day, Chris got to install new faucets! The fixtures really look great and we only went to Lowe's three times, Ace twice and True Value once! Of course, I drove all the way to Lowe's to get one last piece that we needed to finish the job. Last piece, it is all I went for...thirty miles into town...took me an hour to get there and back. Did I mention it was the last piece? got the wrong piece. Sigh.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Laundry Basket

Will had a fever yesterday and came home from school early. We took him to the doctors and he has a small infection but is otherwise okay. Once we got him some Tylenol, he felt much better and was pretty much back to his perky self. We kept him home today as well, just to be sure he was okay.
Chris took the morning shift and I came home at lunch to be with him. We did all kinds of things, banged blocks together, dumped toys out of a shoe box (definate favorite activity) and we also did some laundry.
First I was being silly and put the empty laundry basket on my head to make Will laugh, then I put the basket on Will. First he wiggled it off, then he decided that it was kind of cool. He put it back on, of his own free will, and played with blocks under the basket.