Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Memorial Day

This Memorial Day my parents came into town. On Saturday we had Carolyn, Wayne and my parents up for dinner. Will had a great time with all of the attention. His Great Aunt Caroline taught him how to make noise while she patted her hand on his mouth. It made a lovely oooh, ooh, ooh, noise and Will thought that was pretty darn cool.

On Sunday Dad and Joan kindly babysat Will while Chris and I went to dinner and a movie. On the way home from the movie, I realized that we had undergone a role reversal. I used to come to DC to visit the parents and watch Jack and Carrie while they went out. Now, they come see me and watch Will :) I definately got the better end of the detail now.

The next day we went to the Florida Museam of Natural History. It is a pretty good museam for a city the size of Gainesville. We actually go there pretty frequently.

This time we went primarily to the Butterfly Gardens. Now if you are ever in Gainesville, you need to go to the Gardens. The landscaping is gorgeous and the butterflies are everywhere. They will even come and land on you. This is a tree nymph on Dad.

We weren't able to use the stroller in the gardens so we carried Will (all 21 lbs of him). We were going to take turns, you know, share the load...but then Dad took his turn. That was it. Dad carried him for the rest of the trip.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Sears photos

So I finally got it together and took Will in for formal pictures. We went to Sears and they were just great. We got a ton of pictures and a CD with the images (and copy right). We took quite a few photos and I've attached the best here.

With the baseball photo, we actually took three different poses. I'm going to take the three shots and put them in one frame as a series (it's baseball, you have to have a series).

The brave photographer then took naked baby pictures. The photos turned out very cute. I love the roly poly arms in this photo. We also took a photo with him sitting, it has the most adorable butt dimples. Even better, Will didn't pee all over the studio! I was so proud.

The last shot is all of us. Have to have the family photo.
Aren't we cute ;-)


We took Will to a Gator baseball game last weekend. The Gators lost big time to Vandy but we had fun anyway. Will was good for about four innings and then he told us it was time to go. I think his favorite part of the ball game was screaming. Will has recently taken to shrieking, and I mean shrieking. He thinks this is great fun. With everyone else around him yelling, he was having a grand time screaming at the top of his lungs.


So I thought I'd start a blog to share with folks what is going on with us. In particular to share pictures of Will. He is seven months now and still growing like a weed. The last time we were at the doctors he was 21.5" and 21lbs!
This is Will in his duck bath. The duck quacks. He really seems to enjoy his bath, splashing around. Doesn't much care to get his hair washed though :)