Saturday, June 30, 2007

Bones, Clapping and the Croup

We have had a very busy few weeks. Last weekend Chris got all the remaining fixtures installed and only had to go to Lowes twice. The first time Chris had to return the ceiling light because when we opened the box it was not the right fixture and looked very dusty. We finally realized that someone had bought the light before us, went home, installed it and put their old light back in the box and returned it! Who would have thought of such a thing?? The second time, Chris got the light all installed and turned it on. Once the light was shining through the glass you could see the crack running through the fixture. Back to Lowes. This time Chris chose an unopened box that he then opened and completely inspected the light, he was not interested in returning the same light a fourth time.

This week I got a call from daycare, Will had a fever. So I left work and went to go get him. We spent the rest of the afternoon running around to the doctors, pharmacy and even back by work. The doctor said that his previous ear infection had not quite cleared up and put him on another antibiotic. She also thinks he has croup, so she put him on prednisone. I couldn't believe my poor baby was on prednisone! Happily it was only a short three day regimen and he didn't seem to mind much. He likes the antibiotic, it is watermelon flavored and after he gets his full dose he looks at you to give him more.

He seems to be feeling better now. Chris and I stayed home with him for a few days but he was back to school on Friday. During his days at home, Will had fun playing with Bones. Bones fortunately is a very tolerant dog. This is a very good thing as Will has pulled on his whiskers, collar, paws, and grabbed fistfuls of fur. Bones takes all this abuse with a sigh and a nudge for real pets. I think these two will be good buddies.

The downside is Will has taken to giving his ritz crackers to Bones. Will will wait until Bones is standing right by his high chair then pick up a cracker and deliberately hand it to over to Bones. Bones, of course, loves this and comes running whenever he hears high chair noises. We are not so fond of this new game and are trying to put a stop to it. This is harder than it sounds, when the dog and the baby are in league against you, you really don't stand a chance.

On exciting new development milestones, Will has started clapping. If you say pat-a-cake, he will clap. It is very cute and we are having lots of fun playing pat-a-cake with him. He has also started scooting backwards. He is not very good at it yet but you can see little light bulbs going off as he starts to figure out movement. Pretty soon he will be movin' and groovin' all over the place. Anybody have any baby proofing gear they can send???

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ritz Crackers

Will loves Ritz crackers, I mean loves them. We have been increasing the different kinds of foods he eats, especially those he feeds himself. He wasn't real big on cherios and we worried that he would choke on the biter biscuits.

He likes bananas but has a hard time picking them up. He did not like cheese...really did not like cheese. In fact the first time we put bananas in front of him he looked at them and gave me a look that said "I'm not eating that nasty cheese again." So I had to pop a piece in his mouth for him to realize it was bananas. Finally we landed on Ritz. He can easily manipulate them and they break quickly into small pieces.

In other news, we have been changing out the fixtures in our bathroom. Yes, for Father's Day, Chris got to install new faucets! The fixtures really look great and we only went to Lowe's three times, Ace twice and True Value once! Of course, I drove all the way to Lowe's to get one last piece that we needed to finish the job. Last piece, it is all I went for...thirty miles into town...took me an hour to get there and back. Did I mention it was the last piece? got the wrong piece. Sigh.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Laundry Basket

Will had a fever yesterday and came home from school early. We took him to the doctors and he has a small infection but is otherwise okay. Once we got him some Tylenol, he felt much better and was pretty much back to his perky self. We kept him home today as well, just to be sure he was okay.
Chris took the morning shift and I came home at lunch to be with him. We did all kinds of things, banged blocks together, dumped toys out of a shoe box (definate favorite activity) and we also did some laundry.
First I was being silly and put the empty laundry basket on my head to make Will laugh, then I put the basket on Will. First he wiggled it off, then he decided that it was kind of cool. He put it back on, of his own free will, and played with blocks under the basket.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

New Teeth and other milestones

Will now has two teeth, both on the bottom. I've tried to photograph the teeth but he is not having it. Now you have to be careful because he still wants to chew on your finger but it HURTS! Those are sharp little teeth.

He is also learning all kinds of new things. It seems like everyday is something new. He now plays peek-a-boo and likes to help you clap. He doesn't want to clap himself but he really enjoys bringing your hands together. His favorite things make noise, anything he can shake, hit or throw that makes noise is just the bomb. We keep trying to teach him how to wave bye-bye. He will wave at himself but no one else but we have faith that he will get it soon.

He still isn't crawling. He doesn't seem to be interested. I guess since crawling doesn't involve making noise, it doesn't catch his interest.

Will eats all kinds of fruit and veggies. He seems to like them all. We also now give him cheerios and biter biscuits. He loves both. It is great fun to watch him concentrate on picking up (with a pincer grasp) the cheerios. Sometimes he grabs a handful and the cheerios stick to the palm of his hand. He will sit there and open and close his hand to try and figure out how to get that cheerio to his mouth.

Well that's the latest.