Thursday, August 2, 2007

Carrie's Birthday

This past weekend we went down to my parents to celebrate Carrie's 30th birthday. Yes, it is the big 3 0 for Care. She and Jack had come down for a long weekend so the parents had a birthday party for her Saturday evening.

Saturday morning we took Will for his first swim. We were a little nervous because Will did NOT like the beach. However, he loves the pool. Chris gently put him in, Will looked around and conducted a test splash. After a few slaps, he realized that it was a giant bath and began splashing in earnest.

We had bought him a floaty inner tube and some little plastic animals that squirted water. Will really enjoyed the inner tube.
He would lean over the edge and splash. He also would even kick and move him self around a bit. The "adults" had fun with the squirty animals. We each had one and would squirt each other and Will too. He thought it was hilarious both to be squirted and to watch us squirt each other. He never mastered squirting but the animals were very fun to chew on.

After the big swim, Will took a nap... a huge 2 1/2 hour nap. The water wore him out. He could barely get out of bed to attend Carrie's party.
We took him back in Sunday morning for another round. Once again he really enjoyed it. After the swim, we had lunch poolside. Will got to use my old high chair. Dad had pulled it out of storage and shined it back up again. It had been many years since it was last used for Jack. I think Will looks adorable in it, especially with the messy face.