Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Yes, it is true, Will has finally started crawling! He started last Thursday and has been going ever since. Apparently, Sara, his favorite daycare teacher, had all the other babies applaud him as he crawled at school for the first time on Friday.

Over the weekend he charted new territory and made his way over to the dog's water bowl and into the dining room. The laminate flooring was a bit of a challenge for him. He started off crawling in place on the slippery flooring but soon figured it out and made it all the way across the dining room.
In this picture I was trying to photograph him crawling, get the action shot. He crawled right on over to me and grabbed the camera strap. Already getting into trouble.


The Florida Natural History Museam on campus has a new exhibit.... MEGLADON! It is all about the largest prehistoric shark, whose teeth average six inches long. While all of this is very cool the big draw is the 60 foot life size replica of the Megladon which was build in the welding shop down the street from us. You walk in through the mouth and out the.... side (what did you think I was going to say).
On the right is Chris and Will next to the life size sculpture. Yes, they would just be a little snack for the megladon. Pretty nifty huh.