Sunday, October 21, 2007

More Sears Photos

Since Will is now one year old, we took him back into Sears for some more pictures. I think this kid may end up being the most photographed child in the US. He is just so darn cute that I can't help myself.

We took regular one year photos, some of him in his halloween costume and some with a Christmas theme. I've posted a few of the photos here from the session. I've even included a preview of our Christmas card below.

The session went pretty okay but Will was a little sleepy and was getting a bit tired of sitting nice by the time we took the Christmas. In this photo he had a very nice smile on his face and the shot was perfect, then as soon as the photographer clicked the shutter, boom, disaster. We all got a good laugh, and while I didn't actually purchase photos from this shot, we included it on the photo CD for the smile.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Party Time!

This Saturday, October 13th, we had a small party to celebrate Will's first birthday. My parents came up as well as my grandmother, brother and his girlfriend, and, of course, Carolyn and Wayne. Other than family we had Linda, our neighbor and Jamie, Michael and Mikayla friends of mine. Chris made turkey, pulled pork and I did all the fixins. Dinner went over well, I'm thinking the pulled pork was tasty because there was not a bite left at the end of the day.

It was a pretty big crowd for our smallish house but we had scrubbed off the car port and set it up as an outdoor room. So we fit pretty comfortably. This is very good because this was a test run for Thanksgiving. I've invited 14 people to dinner and now I'm pretty sure they will all fit.

After dinner the adults were too stuffed to contemplate cake and ice cream, so we decided to mix up tradition a little and open presents first. All of the packages were bright and colorful, some had shiny ribbons and others came with cards. Will did pretty good at unwrapping gifts. We would start the rip and then he would continue to pull the paper off. He was facinated with the sheets of paper so after he would pull the first piece off he would play with that piece. He also loved the shiny ribbon and the cards. He liked Carolyn and Wayne's card so much, he wouldn't let me have it to open. He just waved it around and sucked on a corner. After a few presents, he was more interested in what was already opened. Fortunately Mikayla, who is three, was at the party and was able to assist with the unwrapping. Everybody was very kind and Will got some awesome gifts. He (meaning mom :) will be sending out thank you notes shortly.

Finally it was time for cake. I had made carrot cake for his birthday and he had his very own small cake. After we sang happy birthday to him, Will and I blew out his candle. I stripped him down to his diaper and cut him a giant piece of cake, it was about five inches square. He looked at the cake, and using both hands, picked up the entire piece and tried to put it all in his mouth at once. About half of it fell down into his lap, some was in his mouth and the rest fell back onto his high chair tray. He kept at it and probably managed to eat about half of the cake. The rest was wedged all around him in the high chair. He had a ring of carrot cake around his middle. Unfortunately, the dogs were kicked out in the backyard, they would have really enjoyed the cake raining down when I pulled Will out of his chair. Chris took about 30 pictures of Will and the cake. I've only posted a few here.

Finally, things were winding down. Will was ready for bed, it had been a very busy day for him. I think he enjoyed his party, I know his parents did.

First Birthday

Will's first birthday was this past Thursday. Since it was a weekday we didn't do too much. Our big celebration was turning his car seat to face forward. It has been fun watching him in the mirrors. We can finally see exactly what he has been doing, which apparently consists mostly of sucking his thumb.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Big Bath

Well the time finally came, Will outgrew his duck tub. We were really bummed to have to put it away but we couldn't reach around Will to get all sides clean. So, we deflated the duck and put it away for safe keeping and tried the BIG tub.

The first time we put Will in, he was a bit intimidated. There was a lot of space and the baby who looked so big in the duck tub looked so small now. We both stayed with him and gave him time to acclimate. It didn't take too long for him to realize he now had room to roam.

We can't fill the tub up too high because he likes to crawl around. The other favorite activity is to splash. The more splashing the better. The best is when Daddy has to change after a bath because he is soaked from the splashing.

Bath time is fun time in our house.

Not feeling good

A few weeks ago, Will was not feeling well at all. The poor guy had a cold, ear infection and bronchitis. He was on an antibiotic, albuterol and motrin. We kept him home most of the week and gave him lots of Mommy and Daddy time. This picture is of Will getting a nebulizer treatment. He really did not enjoy the albuterol treatment and we found it easiest to give them to him when he was asleep.

I was initially very worried when he was prescribed albuterol for fear of asthma. The doctor reassured us that one case of inflammation of the lungs does not mean he has asthma.

He slept alot but also spent time crawling around the house. He realized he could see the dogs outside through the french door. He would crawl over to the door, look out the window and say dog-z in two syllables. He actually says at least four things (I say five). He can say dog, duck, mama, daddy and I think he can say cat, Chris things he is just pointing and saying that.

We also read lots of books. Will has a basket of books in the living room and he likes to pull out a book and bring it to you to read. How can you say no? So we read lots of books, I think Chris and I know Green Eggs and Ham by heart at this point. He also really enjoys Brown Bear and Windows to Color.

Santa Fe Teaching Zoo

In September Chris and Will took a trip to the teaching zoo at the local community college. It is one of the few teaching zoos of it's kind in the country.

Chris and Will went on the tour and saw peacocks, emus, gibbons, bald eagle and tortoises. Will especially seemed to enjoy the peacocks.