Sunday, December 2, 2007

Flu shots, walking and tattoos

Poor little guy went to the doctors on 11/26 to get his second flu shot. When we walked back to the doctor's office, Will insisted on walking himself. In one hand he held the nurse's finger and in the other he had mine. This way he toddled himself right into the exam room.
His doctor saw him toddling back and was impressed with his skills. She said he is right on target for his age. We are proud of his walking and talking skills. He is meeting all of his milestones right on target.

This picture is of Will with his tattoos. He got them for Halloween and they really cracked us up.

Chris and Will had Homecoming off. Sadly, I had to work. The boys had a nice day, they went to the butterfly garden, took me to an early lunch and then went to the parade.
Surprisingly, Will really enjoyed the parade. He and Chris sat on a wall and watched the whole parade go by. Chris was sure that Will would get bored but Will is turning into quite the little people watcher.
Since Chris had to keep ahold of our little wiggle worm during the parade, we don't have any pictures from then. These photos are of Chris and Will's trip to the butterfly garden earlier in the day. Note the Gator jersey, it was UF's Homecoming you know.


Okay, I am seriously behind in posting the halloween pictures but here they are :) We went to Boo at the Zoo.
We left work a little early and headed over to Santa Fe. When we got there the line was out the door! We thought we would never get to the entrance and wondered what we had gotten ourselves into. Thankfully Santa Fe knows what it is doing and had the line moving very quickly.

Will had a great time looking at everyone in their costumes. He was facinated by the different looking people. I'm not sure what he thought about the zoo itself, he mostly sat back and watched.
That is, until we reached the Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pigs. As soon as he saw them, he sat upright, pointed and said dogs....dogs...dogs. I laughed and said, well, some people treat them like dogs.

Chris and I were really impressed with the zoo. They did a great job. As you walked through the zoo, you walked through different scenes. Like the monster's ball, a carnival gone wrong and a safari tour lead by C+ tours. Each scene was very detailed and had lots of fun things to look at. As we walked through various characters in the scene handed out candy to the kids. Since Will is too young to know about candy, we skipped that part. Although Chris and I were seriously tempted by the tootsie rolls.