Sunday, January 27, 2008


Yes, it is more bath photos. I'm not sure what makes them so irresistable to me. I'm sure Will will hate them as the years go by but I just can't seem to help myself.

He and Daddy are playing with the bubbles. The bubbles are a recent addition to bathtime fun. I'm thinking we need to get him some bath crayons next.

King Will

For Christmas we got Will his own chair. He really seems to like it. He can climb in and out of it all by himself. He also likes sit in his chair and watch Thomas the Tank Engine on Sunday mornings. He also really enjoys to drink from Mommy's water glass. I like to hold the glass in an attempt to keep the water in either the glass or Will.

This day, he was sitting in his chair and wanted to drink from my glass. There he was, sitting on his throne and being waited upon, all he was missing was his crown. Dad went and gave him his crown.

All hail King Will!


We took Will to the playground near our house New Year's weekend. We went down the slide and swung on the swing set. He went on the teeter totter and ran all around. He really enjoyed himself.
Now that he is walking, we are taking him to the park more and just to play outside in the yard. If he hears the word outside, Will walks right to the front door and bangs on it. The best part is our struggles are over when it comes to putting on his jacket. All we have to do is ask Will if he wants to go outside.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Christmas in Gainesville

We spent a quite Christmas at home. On Christmas Eve, we went to the children's service at church and then out to dinner at Stonewood grill. We ended up at Stonewood for Christmas Eve last year and thought that it made a nice tradition. On the way home we drove around and looked at lights. The next part of the plan was to open Christmas presents. Well by the time we got home, Will was passed out in the back seat. He could have cared less about opening presents. We put him straight to bed. Since Chris and I weren't as tired as Will, we went ahead and opened our presents. I still have no patience :)

The next morning, Santa came and Will opened all of his presents. Once again, he really enjoyed tearing the paper. The rest of the day was spent exploring our new toys. Will had a great time reading his new books and throwing his new balls.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Christmas at Merritt Island

We went down to visit my parents the weekend before Christmas this year. We had a good time visiting with the family. We even got to see Grammy's new place (nice digs BTW). My birthday was on Saturday and we had a family dinner to celebrate. Will was having fits about something, he kept saying balloon over and over again. I couldn't figure out why he was so anxious, until I finally realized the parents had gotten me two Happy Birthday balloons. Being the good mom that I am, I shared the balloons with Will.

The next morning we celebrated Christmas. Will really enjoyed opening the presents. He thinks ripping paper is very cool. He didn't quite connect the opening of a package to the receipt of a new toy. Right now, the thrill of the tear is enough for him.

Pushing the bus

I can't believe what a big boy Will is getting to be. Just look at these photos, he is beginning to look like little boy not a baby. Not only is he looking like a big boy, he is acting like one too. He really enjoys pushing his bus around. His favorite game is throwing his ball. He will bring us books to read. He has even taken to turning the TV on and off (this is really more annoying than cute :)


Okay, I just loved this photo. Will decided to put on Daddy's shoes. I'm not sure what prompted this, Will came up with it all on his own. We did, however, encourage him as his little feet looked adorable in Chris' big flip flops.