Sunday, February 17, 2008

Jacksonville Zoo

We went to the Jacksonville zoo today. Will has a huge love of animals and really enjoyed the trip. He got very excited when we approached the bear exhibit, going Roar! The bear, who was quite contentedly asleep, completely ignored Will's challenge. Will didn't mind. We then went to see the monkeys. As soon as we came to the Chimpanzee/Bonobo area, he started making monkey sounds (ooh ooh, ee ee). He was facinated with them and cried when we left their area. We took him to see the gorilla but he was not nearly as impressed.

The zoo has a train ride that goes around the perimeter of the zoo. I think it is intended to show you the behind-the-scenes view of the zoo but we couldn't hear what the tour guide was saying. Will was a bit nervous of the noise and movement of the train but he got into it and would say choo choo when the train would blow it's whistle.

The train ride wrapped up right around Will's nap time. We could tell because he refused to get back into the stroller and was very fussy.
We stopped and got a popsicle. The popsicle helped but you can tell by the look on his face that he was still one tired puppy. We eventually got him back into the stroller and cruised by a few more exhibits. My favorite was the giraffe exhibit. They had a baby giraffe that was only three weeks old. You could also feed the giraffes (for a small fee of course). We declined but because others did take advantage, the giraffes came right up to where we were standing. Chris and I were very impressed but the little guy was too tired to care.

We hit the road shortly after and not surprisingly, Will crashed right out in the car. It was a very nice zoo and I imagine we will be back.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentine's Day

The weekend before Valentine's Day, we had gone to PetCo to pick up some bird food. Well, for some strange reason, PetCo was selling heart shaped balloons for your pet. I'm thinking if you buy your pet a Valentine, you may need some serious help. Will is thinking, cool, I love balloons and I want those. So he toddles right over to the balloons, grabs them and starts banging them against the wall. I run over and have to pry his little hands off the balloons. He starts wailing and squirming to get out of my arms. Everyone looks over to see who is beating up on this poor little kid and there I am, the loving mom...sigh.

Well, needless to say, Chris and I got Will heart shaped balloons for Valentine's. How could we not?? I also picked up some chocolate pudding snacks. Will has never had pudding snacks, he has enough of a sweet tooth that I usually don't like to encourage it but is Valentine's. He loved it.

Can you tell?


We have been working on using a spoon over the last month or so. Will started off successfully dipping the spoon in the bowl and getting some yogurt. Then came the tricky part between dipping and his mouth. As he was raising up the spoon he would turn his hand so the spoon would face down and most of the yogurt would fall off. You can see what a mess this makes. He would also get tired of trying to use the spoon and just pick up the whole bowl and bring that too his mouth.

I'm not exactly sure how much yogurt Will actually ate versus wore.

Practice makes perfect and Will can now bring the spoon to his mouth without turning his hand! Of course, he also likes to just dip his fingers right in the yogurt or to dip various other food items into the yogurt. Some don't sound too bad, like graham crackers or bananas. Some are just plain gross, like chicken or cheese.

When he is done eating he will brush his hands over his high chair tray and push all of the remaining food onto the floor. As soon as we put him in his high chair, Bones and Jez take up watch duty, waiting for the magic time when food rains down from the air. Needless to say, I'd rather he dip his chicken in blueberry flavored yogurt.

How he will eventually become a civilized diner is beyond me but I'm told that it will actually happen.