Thursday, April 17, 2008

Scenes from the daily grind

A collection of various pictures over the past month. They have no rhyme or reason, they are just cute (although, I think all Will's photos are adorable). To the left is a picture of Will in his car seat. He has recently taken to covering his head with his blankie. I think it is mostly to keep the sun out of his eyes and to drive me crazy. I'm sure he is going to suffocate under there. The blankie is a fairly new development. His cousin Sharon made him the blanket last year for Christmas. For the first year, the blankie was mostly used as intended but since the beginning of the year, he developed a real attachment to his "bon-kie". Now it goes with him everywhere, except school. During school the blankie has to stay in the car and everyday, as Will is unbuckled from his seat, he says "Bye-Bye Bonkie" and it is the first thing he wants after school.

This next photo just cracked us up. Will likes to sit in his chair and relax but this day, he took it a step further. He really wanted to put his feet up.

Doesn't he look like a little kid in this picture? It just kills me to see how big he is getting. These photos were taken on Good Friday. Will's school was closed, so Chris took the day off work to hang out with his best guy. They went to the Butterfly Garden and then took Mommy to lunch. It was a very good day.

Will is acheiving new milestones daily. Some are expected like running, saying two word sentances, others are more cultural, like getting into the pots and pans cupboard and learning to blow soap bubbles. You just never know what is coming up next.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


The Gator Softball team is doing great this year, I think they are ranked third at the moment. Even better the games are free! So we decided that Will should go as he loves balls and if he didn't enjoy the game... hey it was free.

Will loved it. He enjoyed watching the action on the field, the activity in the stands and he adored the cheering. He applauded, yelled and even did the gator chomp!

The best part, though, was Alberta, the team mascot. He was very excited to see her in the stands. When we took him up to see her, he got only so close and no further. As long as she stayed about two feet away, he thought she was fantastic. Any closer and he would start wailing.

In fact, we had such a good time, Chris took Will to another softball game a few weeks later and Will had another Alberta experiance. As soon as he saw her, in the stands on the other side of the field he began to wave and say Hi! He kept right on waving at her as she made her way through the crowd. Finally she saw Will and came down to see him. As she sat down beside him, he immediately started bawling. Alberta beat a hasty retreat and as soon as she was a few steps away, he started waving Bye to her.