Saturday, May 31, 2008


Chris purchased two blueberry bushes last year and this year they have some fruit. Not much right now but we do get a small handful each evening. Well to be truthful, I should say that Will gets a small handful each evening. It turns out that he loves blueberries. Since our bushes aren't keeping up with Will's blueberry needs, we decided to visit a U-pick farm. It turns out that there is a place about ten minutes from our house. This morning we headed out early (when it was still 70 degrees!) to check it out.

I think Will thought he was in heaven. It took him about two minutes to realize that he could pick the blueberries off the bush and eat them. Fortunately, his coordination is not yet perfect, so he couldn't pick them very fast. Unfortunately he was not very discriminatory regarding the ripeness of the berries and ate some pretty darn green ones.

About 45 mintues into our trip, Chris and I had filled our buckets about 80 percent full and Will was getting bored. As we were concerned about the number and color of blueberries he had eaten, we decided to beat feet. Will fell asleep in the car on the way home, so we know the trip was a success.

As a post script, Will did not get sick from his green blueberry eating and we didn't have big ramifications from the number of berries consumed. Chris and I have also not gotten ill from eating too much blueberry pie. :)


This past weekend, Chris dug out our sprinkler and hooked it up for Will to run through. Will ran through it a few times on his own. Chris and I carried him through the sprinkler some as well. Talk about bringing back the memories.

Sea World

We have been talking about going to Sea World for some time. It seemed like something Will would really enjoy with all of the fish and animals and since he gets in free, why not. So finally we got it together and went Sunday of the Memorial Day weekend.

Due to the heavy Memorial Day traffic, we finally got into the park around 11 am. I had read about the Shark's Underwater Grill as an interesting place to eat but that you had better get reservations. So the first thing we did was head to the back of the park to the Grill. Happily, the Grill had an open table and we were ready for lunch. As you can see in the picture, one whole wall looks into a giant shark tank. As we ate lunch, huge 5-7 foot sharks swam by. The best part was that Will needed no entertainment. He was fascinated by the "big fish" as he called them.

After lunch we really started to tour the park in earnest. We toured the shark exhibt, went to see the sea lion and otter show. After a walk through the Anheuser-Busch Stables, where we saw the Clydesdales, we visited the hospitality tent. You have to love any theme park that lets you have a beer for free! Chris and I each tried a different blended beer. They were ice cold and tasted terrific in the summer sun.

I thought for sure Will would love the area that had sprinklers and fountains that kids can run through. I know it is a bit shocking but apparently sometimes I am not right :) Will hated the water play area and wouldn't go near it! He did quite enjoy the carousel. He wasn't quite sure to begin with but we started to name all the animals and fish that made up the "horses" and he started to get into it. Chris took him on Ocean Commotion which is a boat that goes up and down. The roller coaster gene must be surfacing because his face said, okay, this is totally boring, when is it going to go upside down?

After an ice cream break, we headed over to the Shamu show. You have to get there about 30-45 minutes early to get a good seat. Even though we got there about a half hour early, it was getting hard to find a decent seat. Finally we thought we had found the perfect place and started to sit down, until we realized that the seats were designated for the companions of those in the wheelchair seats one row up. We started to move but the couple in the wheelchair seats said that we were with them. Since there was plenty of other companion seating, we took them up on their offer and joined them to watch Shamu. While we were waiting for the show to begin, we chatted with the couple. They really enjoyed Will. At one point, Will showed them his tattoo (temporary, of course) and the gentleman reciprocated by showing Will his tattoos (permanent this time). Will thought this was something else. A little later on the lady disappeared for several minutes and when she came back, she had a stuffed Shamu for Will. We were really touched by this couple's kindness and really enjoyed their company. Strangely enough, we never got their names.

After the Shamu show, Will started to show signs of exhaustion. We had been at the park since 11 am and it was now 6 pm with no naps for the little guy. Amazingly, he didn't have any temper tantrums. We were really impressed with how well he had done. Of course, he fell asleep as soon as we drove out of the park. He continued to sleep the whole two hour drive home, only waking up once to say "dolphin....dolphin" and fall right back to sleep. I can only guess that he was dreaming of the day.

Olive You

Chris got the brilliant idea to put some left over black olives on Will's fingers. Mimicking what we both used to do as kids.
Will kept trying to eat them off but we eventually got one on each finger. Will thought this was pretty darn funny.
Chris and I thought it was hysterical.

Monday, May 5, 2008

This April we spent a week at Casey Key. Nana and Aunt Doris rent a condo each year for a month at the beach and this year we were able get the adjacent condo for a few days.

Now, the previous year, we visited Nana and Auntie for a weekend and took Will to the beach for the first time. He hated it, I mean hated it. Didn't like the sand, the sun, the surf, nothing! We spent about an hour on the beach trying to talk him into it but it was a no go. So we were a bit nervous about how he would take it this year.

Thankfully, this year Will was feeling a bit differently. He took to the sand right away. I guess all that time in the sand box at school payed off. We had a great time making sand castles. Chris would take a big bucket down to the ocean, fill it up with water and bring it back. The idea was to use the water to make sand castles for Will to knock down. We did quite a bit of castle making and Will did quite a good Godzilla impression.

Will also really enjoyed splashing in the bucket, dumping the water out and scooping it out with some stacking cups we had. It was enjoyable for all of us to allow Will to do what he would with a bucket of water. That kind of freedom isn't often okay.

However, the ocean was a different story. We took him down to try it out but he did not take to the waves right off the bat. I think the ocean was just a bit too big and too loud. So we went back up to the sand and proceded to turn ourselves into sandy messes.

We spent the next few days up towards the dunes, creating sand castles, crushing them, flying kites and generally having a good time. This picture is of Will and Chris flying a kite together. You can see Will holding the string with a bit of help from Chris. They both had quite a good time with the kite.

Eventually we convinced Will that the ocean was fun. He really grew to enjoy the waves. The waves were still a bit scary but scary in the good, thrilling way.


We had a fairly low key Easter this year. The Saturday before we dyed eggs. Will had a terrific time with this. We got the traditional dye that you mix with water in coffee mugs. I was concerned about what he would do with the huge mess potential but Will was very good. He would hold his egg in his hand and dip the egg and the hand in the dye. By the time we were done, we had one dozen dyed eggs and Will had two dyed hands, one was half green and the other half pink. It was a good look for him.

The next day the Easter bunny came and brought Will waaay too much candy. I'm a little unclear about what happened in the Target candy aisle. I either blacked out or was taken over by aliens. I'm not sure which but all of that candy was certainly not my doing. The Easter bunny also brought Will a shape sorter, beach toys and, the coolest of all (and cheapest), four wiffle balls. The kid is nutty for any kind of ball.

Later on in the day, Carolyn and Wayne came up for Easter dinner. During dinner the Easter bunny magically sneaked in and hid all the eggs. We took Will out of his high chair and pointed him in the direction of the living room. It didn't take him five seconds before he spotted the first egg. He knew right what to do and made a beeline for that egg. Since we hid real eggs, we had Will put the found eggs right back in the carton. This way, I could make sure all the eggs were found and they could go right back in the fridge. No post Easter surprises for us :)

Will thought the egg hunt was great fun and found all of the eggs fairly quickly. He would get two eggs in his hands and excitedly bang them together, no egg made it into the container unscathed! After all of the eggs were found, Will wanted to do it all over again. I think he could have done the egg hunt all day long. After the egg hunt, we dressed Will up in his new beach wear. I think he quite enjoyed the look. He was pretty pleased with himself and proceded to give high fives to Carolyn and Wayne.