Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Home Art

As I am sure most of you are aware, Will is a major sports fan (yes, at age 21 months, sports fans are born not made!) and I am not. Just when I'm worried that Will and I will have nothing to talk about when he gets older, I start to realize my son also loves art. Whew, saved by the Crayola markers!

The first photo is of Will, Chris and I on the car port creating chalk art. He is very good at drawing circles and erasing what I draw. Usually by scooting his tush across my art. This is very cute and so he is forgiven.

The second photo is of Will and I using markers. Crayola has come up with this genius invention of washable markers, bless them! I feel quite free to let Will express his artistic desires with the wonderful washable markers. I do try to keep him to the paper but as you can tell by looking at his legs, sometimes the marker magically jumps off the paper and onto Will. Sometimes the marker magically jumps on to Mommy. We really try to discourage that :)

Daycare Art

Recently Will's daycare learned about farms. Each day his activity sheet came home with comments like "glued tail on horse" or "painted pig pink." We were unsure quite what these cryptic comments meant.

Until one day, when this work of art appeared in the hall. It cracked me up. The gray, brown and yellow squares have various animal feed glued on like hay, corn and oats. The red blob is a barn, the animals include a pink pig, yellow chick, brown horse and my favorite, the cow. The cow has a special place in my heart because Will glued the udder on the cows head and one eye on a leg and the other on the cow's butt. This is his Picasso phase.