Saturday, September 6, 2008

Grandpa is 60!

Will's Grandpa turned 60 this summer and we went down to celebrate! Yes, Will is a party animal. Any event with cake, ice cream and presents is a must event for Will.

We also celebrated Will's Aunt Carrie's birthday. Not only did Will get to hang with Carrie but there were two cakes at the party, different cakes at that!

You can see Will assisting Grandpa with the extremely challenging task of blowing out 60 candles. Will also provided needed help in both opening presents and trying them out. Will wanted to make sure that Grandpa's new hat was suitable before Grandpa made a public appearence.

We also went swimming in Grandpa's pool. It really was the perfect trip for Will, he was spoiled with attention, cake, ice cream and water play. I think Will might have been a fish in a past life.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Pennslyvannia Cousins

We made an unexpected trip up to Pennslyvannia this summer. Sadly, Chris' grandmother passed away and we traveled up for her funeral. The journey was eventful. We decided to fly because it would be easier and faster than driving. Boy were we wrong. Our flight left Gainesville without an issue but trouble struck in Charlotte. Our flight from Charlotte to Wilkes-Barre was delayed several times and finally was cancelled at about midnight. We were able to reschedule our flight for 6 am the next morning. Since it was so early, we decided to sleep at the airport. Will slept quite well, Chris and I....well....not so much. He just sprawled right out and crashed. We finally reached Chris' parents house 21 hours later. It would have taken about 17 hours to drive.

Despite the sad circumstances behind our trip we had a very nice time visiting with Chris' family. Will really enjoyed hanging out with his cousins. This was the first trip that he was old enough to really begin playing with other children. You can see him on the bench with Emily, on his right, and Makayla, on his left. Makayla is the oldest at three, then Will at 20 months and lastly Emily at about 17 months. Watching the three of them play was something else. Emily would follow Will and mimick him and Will would follow Makayla and mimick her. Makayla just enjoyed being the queen bee.

Will also enjoyed the adults attention. He was excited to see his Nana, Poppa, Aunt Colleen and had fun with Uncle Bobo. You can see Billy pushing Will on the swings. Will did a good job holding on to the swing.