Sunday, November 2, 2008

Chris turns two!

No, not our Chris but Will's good friend from daycare, Chris Z. We were invited to his birthday party yesterday. Quite a few friends from daycare were there and Will had a wonderful time. They had a bat and tee with plastic balls to hit, a small ball pit with more plastic balls, swings and best of all ponys!

Will about had a fit when the pony's came into the yard, he was so excited. There were two pony's one with a saddle for the children to ride and one that pulled a cart. The adults could ride in the cart. So with the excuse of needing to ride along with Will, Chris and I both took a turn in the cart. It is amazing how strong the little ponys are.

Will took a few turns on the saddle pony. He really seemed to enjoy it. The gentleman leading the pony said Will was a natural. More than riding the pony, Will wanted to pet the ponys. He was very gentle.

After the pony rides it was time for cake. There were blue faces everywhere.


Will went as a postman for Halloween this year. Chris looked at a lot of costumes but thought the postman outfit looked appropriate for Florida Halloweens, in other words, not too hot! We also thought it would be very cute for Will to go as a postman since his Uncle Wayne is a real postman.

We went to Boo at the Zoo again this year and had a very nice time. Will was eating candy the whole way through the zoo! Since Chris and I didn't eat candy all evening we were pretty hungry after the zoo. So we met up with Carolyn and Wayne afterwards. We didn't tell C&W what Will was to surprise them. I think they were very pleased with Will's costume.

Bus trip and sno cones

This past weekend we went for a ride on the Gainesville city bus. Yep, the Gainesville city bus. To where... well, nowhere really. So, how did we end up on the bus? For the past few weeks everytime we drove by a bus Will would chant "Will ride the bus. Will ride the bus" so we took a ride.

He was thrilled beyond belief. We took the bus from downtown to the mall, had lunch, played at the mall playground, rode the escalator and took the bus back downtown. On the bus he would just sit there, so still, and watch the world go by. It was remarkable to watch my normally extremely active two year old sit sill. He cried when we had to get off at our bus stop.

Since we ride for free (Shands and UF have a deal with the bus for their employees to ride free of charge) I think we will be going for another ride soon.

After our trip on the bus, we headed home for nap time. We all had a nice snooze and then headed to the Alachua park. Well, it turns out that Alachua was having their fall festival so all the roads to the park were blocked. We decided to take a walk through the festival. Will liked walking all by himself. He looked like such a big boy that I had to take his picture.

Then Chris spotted the sno cone vendor. One cherry sno cone to go please! Will really enjoyed the treat and so did Chris.