Friday, December 25, 2009

Poinsetta Baby

My aunt Carolyn runs the poinsetta trials for UF each year.  This means greenhouses full of the plants which are better looking than anything you would see at Publix.  When Will was first born I took him to the annual Open House, where the public (that is me) gets to come and look at the lovely poinsettas.  Carolyn had me place him on one of the benches full of the plants and take his picture.  I used it for our Christmas card that year.  This year I took Abby for her first picture among the plants.  Got to keep tradition alive.  Will is on the left and Abby on the right.

Will and Abby

Just a few pictures of the two of them being cute and adorable.  The first is Will and Abby together in Abby's crib.  Will is really proud of being able to climb in and out of the crib all by himself.  I tell him that this is why he no longer sleeps in the crib.

The second is Will the Chocolate Monster!  He snacked on some chocolate and managed, to get it all over himself and transformed into the CHOCOLATE MONSTER!  Terror to couches everywhere!

Lastly, is Abby, asleep and peaceful.  We don't get many pictures of her awake and peaceful.  She has a touch of colic and spends much of her waking time either eating or crying.  She seems to be slowly growing out of least I think so, sometimes I wonder if it is wishful thinking.

First Bath

Abby's first bath.  Daddy bathed her, Will provided assistance and I photographed.  She didn't seem to mind the bath too much.  She has had a few more baths since and she seems to enjoy them.  She likes to kick her legs in the water.  Doesn't care too much for the face washing, but then who does really?


Will has been learning to cook at daycare and wanted to start helping to make dinner.  Who am I to disuade a potential sous chef in training, so Will and I have been making dinners together.  He always starts a cooking project by asking what the ingredients are.

He also helped both Chris and I make Thanksgiving dinner.  He helped me to make pumpkin pie and stuffing and helped Chris to make cranberry relish.  He is really proud to be helping.

He had a very good time helping me to make Santa Clause cookies this year.  He liked the mixer very much and enjoyed turning it on and off.  This was all well and good, until I added the flour.... the flour went everywhere, but it was almost worth it to see the look of surprise on Will's face as the flour shot out of the mixer.  Nothing like baking to teach about cause and effect.

Jacksonville Zoo

The last weekend before Chris went back to work we decided to go to the zoo.  We had all been cooped up in the house long enough and needed to get out.  Will was very excited to see the Komodo dragon, he talked about it the whole way up to the zoo.  However once we got there Will changed his mind.  He suddenly decided that the dragon was too scary.  We talked him into it, doesn't he look excited :)

All in all it was a very nice trip.  We got lots of comments on our adorable new baby girl.  I even had one "you go girl" from a passerby as I was breastfeeding Abby.  It is kinda strange the feedback you get from strangers.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Will in November

Just a few photos of Will over the past month.  The first is Will feeding the fish.  He would feed them all day, every day if Chris would let him.  The second is Santa in the tub.  The last is Will with Lucky Charm marshmallows stuck to his lips.  He found this very funny and so did I..... well at least the first time :)


Just a few pictures of Abby's nursery.  This was our "gator room" because it was painted orange and blue.  Chris had to use two coats of primer to cover the orange and blue but he did a great job of converting it to a nice yellow shade.  It took us awhile to clear out the room and get it ready  but we had it done in time for our little miss to make her appearence.

New Addition

We went into the hospital for a scheduled C-section on November 10th.  Will went to school as usual and Chris and I headed to labor and delivery.  Abigail Louise was born on 11/10/2009, at 1:48 pm.  She weighed 7lb 11oz and was 20.75 inches long.  The nice part is that unlike when Will was born, Abby wasn't whisked away to the nursery.  Instead she got her first check up right in the OR and Chris even got to cut the cord, something he didn't get to do when Will was born.  Then Chris and Abby headed out to the recovery room while Dr. Stone finished my surgery.  I joined them a few minutes later and Abby didn't leave our side again during our stay.

After a few hours in the recovery room, all three of us moved together to the new tower.  Shands just opened a new tower on November 1st and it is state of the art and beautiful.  The new rooms are much nicer than the old hospital with more seats for visitors and a big huge window.  We had a lovely view of Paynes Prairie from our room.  It even had a flat screen TV.

Another nice change from my last hospital stay, we got a room fairly quickly by around 5:00 pm.  We were really happy about this as Will wasn't allowed back in the recovery room and we wanted him to meet Abby that night.  Plus, we wanted him to have some idea of where Mommy and Daddy were staying.  My parents picked Will up from preschool and brought him over to the hospital.  He came marching straight in and announced that he was going to sit on the couch and hold Baby Abby and that is what he did!  Abby thoughtfully brought him a present (we are not above a little bribery)!  Will was thrilled with his Tim Tebow shirt.  He is a major Gator fan (more so than Chris and I) and it is currently difficult to convince him to wear anything that is not in some way Gator.  Will brought Abby a card that he made with his class at preschool. So far they are off to a great start.

After the introductions, Chris took Will to dinner and my parents bonded with their latest grandchild.  It was a bit difficult for Will to leave with my parents when the time came.  He doesn't like to separate from us and this was even worse due to the big change.  My dad said that as soon as they hit the elevator, Will returned to his normal cheerful self.  He just likes to leave us feeling loved..... and guilty.

We had a long night in the hospital.  Abby, who took to breastfeeding like a champ, pretty much wanted to nurse ALL NIGHT!  By the time morning came, I was exhausted, sore and Abby still wanted more.  Thankfully the nurse suggested a bottle since she seemed so hungry.  After about two ounces of formula my baby calmed down and slept.  Of course, it was now daytime and Chris and I were wide awake.  It was also a busy day, a hospital is not a place to rest.  The pediatrician came by and evaluated Abby, the audiologist came by and tested her hearing (she, of course, is perfect!), the PCA came by and checked my blood pressure (a lot!), the social worker came by and made sure we were prepared to be parents (not really but we faked her out), and someone else came by to complete Abby birth certificate and register her with the social security administration.  I think about a zillion other people came in but they all begin to blur together after awhile.

We also had visitors, Carolyn and Wayne stopped by and my parents brought Will, who brought Abby a present.  Last weekend we took Will to Build-A-Bear and he made a panda bear (named Tim Tebow) for himself and a cat for Abby, we had a blast and Will was very proud to bring Abby her gift.  Chris and Will went to go visit his friend Lucas.  We wanted to make sure that Chris spent some time with Will so he wouldn't feel abandoned during our hospital stay. I had a nice visit with the family.

We got a little more sleep the next night and Abby and I were discharged the next day.  We were out by 10 am!  One of my co-workers called to see if it was a good time to visit right when transport was coming to take me down to the car!

We headed home with our new little girl.  Will was at daycare so we had a some time to relax and enjoy being home.  We all went to pick Will up from preschool.  He was delighted to show off Baby Abby.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Will was a post man this year for Halloween. We had a big day starting with a party at his friend Ranger's house, then a trip to Boo at the Zoo and finally trick or treating at the downtown High Springs businesses.

We had a lot of fun at Ranger's house.  Ranger has lots of cats and one dog.  Will was all about chasing the poor cats around.  Fortunately, the cats are used to toddlers and took his attentions in stride.

After the halloween party, we headed to Boo at the Zoo.  This is a big event each year in Gainesville.  The local Santa Fe teaching zoo hosts each year and for a donation of canned goods, you get to walk through the zoo and go trick or treating.  Since so many people walk through, most of the animals are put up in their houses so the animals don't get stressed out.  In their place, the students and staff decorate the whole zoo in four different themes.  They really go all out.

Since it is so popular, there is usually a line to get in.  Happily the line moves pretty fast and you get to look at all the kids and their costumes.  This year, Will and Chris did the line waiting and I went ahead and sat on a park bench to wait.  There are benefits to being 9 months pregnant.

When we into the zoo, Will started off walking for about, ohhh, 10 feet. He said trick or treat to Little Red Riding Hood and was very excited to get some candy. Then he saw....... The BIG BAD WOLF! and that was pretty much it for walking. He wanted Chris to carry him for the rest of the walk through the zoo. We talked him into walking up to the candy stations but that was about it.

After we left the zoo and were walking toward our car, Will, who had plenty of energy, had a blast running up and down a hill.  It was cute and adorable, but as Chris and I did not have the luxury of being carried through the zoo, we were exhausted!  We finally bribed him with some candy to get him into the car.  Unfortunately, when we got to the car, I realized that most of Will's candy had melted.  It was about 90 degrees outside and the chocolate couldn't hold up.  I found some smarties in the bottom of his trick or treat bag and saved the day.

Our next stop was home to feed the dogs, then we went out to dinner at the Great Outdoors Cafe in High Springs.  After dinner we trick or treated the downtown businesses.  We were a little disappointed that more businesses didn't participate but those that did gave out great treats.  The local bakery even gave all of the kids a cup cake!  Lastly we headed back home, where I sorted the candy based on what we thought was okay for Will to eat and what wasn't (no laffy taffy or nuts).  We relaxed for a few minutes and put the very tired Will to bed.  It was nice that the time changed last night because Will usually goes to bed at 7:30 and knowing that we would gain an hour, we kept him up an hour later.  This let us have all the fun with none of the guilt.

We were looking at these pictures the morning after Halloween and Will told me that I was the big bad wolf and he was little red riding hood. All of a sudden he screamed and ran out of the room calling for Daddy like he was really terrified. Chris ran to him and asked him what was wrong and he said the big bad wolf was after him.... yep, you guessed it that was me. Got to love the imagination, although, I think I'd rather not be the big bad wolf :)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Birthday Party at the Park

We had a small party for Will and his buddy Lucas at the park last weekend to celebrate his third birthday. Will and Lucas are 10 days apart in age so Lucas' parents and Chris and I decided to share party hosting. It worked out great. Everyone seemed to have a nice time and I really appreciated sharing the work :)

 I have no idea who the kid helping Will blow out the candles out. He apparently heard the call for cake and came running to join our party, climbed right on up and got in line for a cup cake. We quickly found his mom... I had no problem sharing a cup cake but wanted to check to make sure he didn't have a deathly allergy to wheat or something. It turns out he was at the park for another party and already had two helpings of cake.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Birthday trip to the Zoo

We met up with Will's good buddy Lucas and his parents (and new baby brother) at the Santa Fe Zoo.  It was hotter than.... well, it was HOT!  I think it was about 95 degrees and we were there early before the heat of the day.  The good news is the boys loved it.  Will and Lucas had a lot of fun checking out the different animals.  They decided that all of the birds were funny looking.  It didn't matter what kind, emu, red ruffed parrot, bald eagle, they were all funny looking.  We felt kind of bad for the symbol of American patriotism and pride being referred to as funny looking but the eagle didn't seem to mind.

The Santa Fe zoo has guided tours and we had a very patient guide, who went with the flow.  When you have two three-year-olds, patience and quite a bit of flexibility are much appreciated.  He glanced over the exhibits the boys found dull and let us spend more time at the exciting exhibits, like the gators and the monkeys.

Just as the tour was wrapping up it became clear that both boys had just about had it.  They were starting to get whiny and cranky.  Fortunately it was time to head out.  We got in our blissfully air conditioned car and cooled off a little bit on our way to lunch.  We had a nice birthday lunch with Lucas and then headed home.  We were all exhausted, I think Will took about a three hour nap.  I know that I slept for at least an hour myself.  It was a very good day.