Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nap Time!

One weekend, I put Will down for his nap. He wasn't too excited about the idea but I could tell that a nap was necessary. So, he was put in his bed, in his room and I came out to the living room to relax in the blissful quiet.

A little bit later, I got up to check on him as sometimes he is quietly getting into things rather than sleeping....and he wasn't in his room. I found him quickly, in our room, sound asleep, in our bed. Sneaky little guy.

Brevard Zoo

We recently headed down to Merritt Island to visit Grandma and Grandpa. Along with just chillin' with the family, we made a trip to the Brevard Zoo. It was a hot day but the zoo has nice cool shady paths and a water tower that Will splashed in for some time.

Birthday Party!

Will's friend Ranger recently turned two and we headed to the party. Will loves a good birthday party and this was no exception.

There was cupcakes, watermelon, pool (yes, he went in fully dressed, repeatedly!), finger/foot painting and water balloons. It is hard to say what he enjoyed most but the water balloons were a BIG hit.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Easter at Casey Key

Well, as you can tell I am way behind on posting photos as I'm just now posting Easter pictures. Sad, but I'm working on improving my blogging skills I promise.

We didn't plan to go to Casey Key the week of Easter, it just worked out that Easter fell on the week we had the condo. So we packed the basket and way too much candy and headed down. All in all we had a nice time. It was quite enjoyable to visit with the Chicago family. It was lovely to hear the ocean and eat lots of seafood. We loved watching the sunset over the Gulf. We did not love Will's bronchitis.

Yep, the poor guy came down with a nasty case of bronchitis, along with an ear infection and an asthma flare up. We took him to the doc in a box and got him antibiotics which eventually fixed him up and had him back to normal. Unfortunately, he started to feel better on Saturday and we left on Sunday.

We did get to visit the Tampa aquarium and spend some time on the beach. Most of the time was spent in the condo watching rented Go Diego, Go videos. Can't have everything :)