Friday, October 30, 2009

Birthday Party at the Park

We had a small party for Will and his buddy Lucas at the park last weekend to celebrate his third birthday. Will and Lucas are 10 days apart in age so Lucas' parents and Chris and I decided to share party hosting. It worked out great. Everyone seemed to have a nice time and I really appreciated sharing the work :)

 I have no idea who the kid helping Will blow out the candles out. He apparently heard the call for cake and came running to join our party, climbed right on up and got in line for a cup cake. We quickly found his mom... I had no problem sharing a cup cake but wanted to check to make sure he didn't have a deathly allergy to wheat or something. It turns out he was at the park for another party and already had two helpings of cake.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Birthday trip to the Zoo

We met up with Will's good buddy Lucas and his parents (and new baby brother) at the Santa Fe Zoo.  It was hotter than.... well, it was HOT!  I think it was about 95 degrees and we were there early before the heat of the day.  The good news is the boys loved it.  Will and Lucas had a lot of fun checking out the different animals.  They decided that all of the birds were funny looking.  It didn't matter what kind, emu, red ruffed parrot, bald eagle, they were all funny looking.  We felt kind of bad for the symbol of American patriotism and pride being referred to as funny looking but the eagle didn't seem to mind.

The Santa Fe zoo has guided tours and we had a very patient guide, who went with the flow.  When you have two three-year-olds, patience and quite a bit of flexibility are much appreciated.  He glanced over the exhibits the boys found dull and let us spend more time at the exciting exhibits, like the gators and the monkeys.

Just as the tour was wrapping up it became clear that both boys had just about had it.  They were starting to get whiny and cranky.  Fortunately it was time to head out.  We got in our blissfully air conditioned car and cooled off a little bit on our way to lunch.  We had a nice birthday lunch with Lucas and then headed home.  We were all exhausted, I think Will took about a three hour nap.  I know that I slept for at least an hour myself.  It was a very good day.

3rd Birthday

Will's third birthday fell on a Sunday this year. We decided to celebrate first thing in the morning with presents and cake for breakfast. It was kinda like Christmas morning at our house.

We arranged the presents with some balloons the night before so they were ready as soon as Will woke up. Chris set up a fish tank in his room the night before while Will was sleeping. Will slept through the whole set up, even when Chris and I knocked some of his toys off his shelf with a big bang. He gets his sleeping habits from me :) We were very excited about having the fish tank ready so when he woke up, it would be the first thing he saw. Well, Will ended up having a tough night with his allergies and ended up sleeping in our room. Figures.

Of course he woke up bright and early, well before Chris and I were ready. It was around 6:30 am and was still dark out. We took him in to see his tank and he was very excited.  Then he came out to the living room and saw the pile of presents.  Of course, at first he was mostly excited by the balloons.  It doesn't take much to impress a three year old.

Then he tore into the presents and was thrilled to death with everything.  He really liked his remote control Lightening McQueen from Nana and Poppa and a dinosaur that roared from  his Aunt Colleen and her crew.  He insisted on immediately putting on the authentic Gator football uniform from Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Wayne, complete with helmet and shoulder pads.  I must confess, he was confused by the shoulder pads.  He didn't quite get them but accepted the fact that they somehow protected him...from what, he didn't know.

After the presents we had cake for breakfast.  What a better way to start the day then to have lots of sugar right off the bat.  Then we played with all his new toys.  It was a good start to the day.

Monday, October 12, 2009

We are the boys from old Florida

Will singing We are the boys from ole Florida. Gator fans sing this song after the third quarter of all Florida home games. He learned it at day care where they are busy indoctrinating the youth of Gainesville to be the next generation of rabid Gator fans.

We are the boys from ole Florida
Where the girls are the fairest,
The boys are the squarest
Of any ole state down our way

We are all strong for ole Florida
Down where the ole gators play
In all kinds of weather
We'll all stick together
for F-L-O-R-I-D-A

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I'm not exactly sure where Will's athletic ability comes from. It certainly is not from me, that I know for sure. Where ever it comes from, he has it in spades. He was out playing football with his Dad this weekend and actually putting a spiral on his throw.

He also scores "touchdowns." He has been watching football, quite avidly, and has determined that to score a touchdown, the player must run with the ball and fall down. He has been running all over the house with a football and falling.

I keep encouraging baseball and basketball, but right now, it is nothing but football, football, football!

Pumpkin Patch

We went to the pumpkin patch today. Will was very enthralled with the pumpkins, in particular the little ones. He carried around a tiny pumpkin that was about the size of an apple for most of the trip. He did try to pick up several of the larger pumpkins which we discouraged but more importantly he could not quite manage.

When we first came in, a young lady offered to paint his face, Will was not interested. After we picked our pumpkins and were heading out to the car, Will changed his mind. So back we went and took the young lady up on her offer. Will got a lovely black spider with glitter. Very tasteful.

Oh, did I mention that it was 87 degrees on this lovely Florida fall day? I miss the season change.