Friday, December 25, 2009

Poinsetta Baby

My aunt Carolyn runs the poinsetta trials for UF each year.  This means greenhouses full of the plants which are better looking than anything you would see at Publix.  When Will was first born I took him to the annual Open House, where the public (that is me) gets to come and look at the lovely poinsettas.  Carolyn had me place him on one of the benches full of the plants and take his picture.  I used it for our Christmas card that year.  This year I took Abby for her first picture among the plants.  Got to keep tradition alive.  Will is on the left and Abby on the right.

Will and Abby

Just a few pictures of the two of them being cute and adorable.  The first is Will and Abby together in Abby's crib.  Will is really proud of being able to climb in and out of the crib all by himself.  I tell him that this is why he no longer sleeps in the crib.

The second is Will the Chocolate Monster!  He snacked on some chocolate and managed, to get it all over himself and transformed into the CHOCOLATE MONSTER!  Terror to couches everywhere!

Lastly, is Abby, asleep and peaceful.  We don't get many pictures of her awake and peaceful.  She has a touch of colic and spends much of her waking time either eating or crying.  She seems to be slowly growing out of least I think so, sometimes I wonder if it is wishful thinking.

First Bath

Abby's first bath.  Daddy bathed her, Will provided assistance and I photographed.  She didn't seem to mind the bath too much.  She has had a few more baths since and she seems to enjoy them.  She likes to kick her legs in the water.  Doesn't care too much for the face washing, but then who does really?


Will has been learning to cook at daycare and wanted to start helping to make dinner.  Who am I to disuade a potential sous chef in training, so Will and I have been making dinners together.  He always starts a cooking project by asking what the ingredients are.

He also helped both Chris and I make Thanksgiving dinner.  He helped me to make pumpkin pie and stuffing and helped Chris to make cranberry relish.  He is really proud to be helping.

He had a very good time helping me to make Santa Clause cookies this year.  He liked the mixer very much and enjoyed turning it on and off.  This was all well and good, until I added the flour.... the flour went everywhere, but it was almost worth it to see the look of surprise on Will's face as the flour shot out of the mixer.  Nothing like baking to teach about cause and effect.

Jacksonville Zoo

The last weekend before Chris went back to work we decided to go to the zoo.  We had all been cooped up in the house long enough and needed to get out.  Will was very excited to see the Komodo dragon, he talked about it the whole way up to the zoo.  However once we got there Will changed his mind.  He suddenly decided that the dragon was too scary.  We talked him into it, doesn't he look excited :)

All in all it was a very nice trip.  We got lots of comments on our adorable new baby girl.  I even had one "you go girl" from a passerby as I was breastfeeding Abby.  It is kinda strange the feedback you get from strangers.