Friday, December 25, 2009

Will and Abby

Just a few pictures of the two of them being cute and adorable.  The first is Will and Abby together in Abby's crib.  Will is really proud of being able to climb in and out of the crib all by himself.  I tell him that this is why he no longer sleeps in the crib.

The second is Will the Chocolate Monster!  He snacked on some chocolate and managed, to get it all over himself and transformed into the CHOCOLATE MONSTER!  Terror to couches everywhere!

Lastly, is Abby, asleep and peaceful.  We don't get many pictures of her awake and peaceful.  She has a touch of colic and spends much of her waking time either eating or crying.  She seems to be slowly growing out of least I think so, sometimes I wonder if it is wishful thinking.

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