Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mill Creek Horse Retirement Farm

This past weekend we met Will's buddy Lucas and his family at the Mill Creek horse retirement farm http://millcreekfarm.org/.  The farm is accepts horses that have been abused and neglected or are no longer wanted.  They take care of the horses and let them live out their years in the pasture.

On Saturday's you can go to the farm and visit the horses for a small entrance fee of two carrots for the horses.  The first time we went to the farm, we brought a small bag of carrots.  They were gone before we even made it in the gate.  We've now learned that it's best to bring the five pound bag.  The kids love to give them to the horses and the horses love to eat them.  It is a win-win.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


As usual we took the kids to Sears to get some formal pictures taken this fall.  It was the usual exciting challenge, especially now that Abby is mobile but not bribeable!  Abby couldn't have cared less about what she might get as a result of good behavior so she was all over the place.

We promised Will that if he behaved and did a good job, he could get his picture taken in his Spider man costume.  He, of course, had worn the costume to Sears and the photographer had suggested that we might like to take the Spider man pictures first.  Chris and I put the kibosh on that right away.  We wanted to guarantee good behavior for the duration!

There was no end to the excitement.  Abby wanted to explore all the other props around the studio and didn't take to the photographer.  Even though he tried hard to be perfect, Will was very excited to see the preview pictures of himself on TV and every time the flash went off, he was up in a flash to see.  It was exhausting!

However, we got some very nice pictures of us as a family, some cute Christmas shots and acceptable age pictures of both of the kids individually.  However the pictures of Will and Abby together were never quite as perfect as the others.  They just had a hard time being adorable at the same time.  So we managed to get a few cute pictures of them with neither looking at the camera.  I knew that this would not be acceptable to the Grandparents, so we also got the only picture of them both facing the camera that was remotely okay.  It is not my favorite.

This is my favorite and we didn't even get it printed!  I did have Shutterfly make it into a puzzle for Aunt Carrie for Christmas.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, Will behaved quite well!